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If you are facing a legal concern that relates to the custody of your children, it’s a primary concern that requires careful consideration. When your parental rights are involved, the matter is too important not to work closely with an experienced child custody attorney in Newport News

Common Child Custody Matters

Child custody is a primary term of any divorce that involves shared children, but the scope of child custody concerns goes well beyond divorce, including:

  • Post-divorce child custody modifications
  • Child custody arrangements for parents who were never married 
  • Temporary orders while your divorce is pending

Whatever your child custody issue is, it’s important to you and your children’s future and deserves the professional legal guidance of a dedicated child custody attorney. 

Legal and Physical Custody

The State of Virginia addresses child custody in terms of both legal custody and physical custody. 

Legal custody has to do with the responsibility of parental decision-making related to primary concerns like the following:

  • Your children’s schooling
  • Your children’s extracurricular activities and travel
  • Your children’s healthcare needs
  • Your children’s religious education

You and your children’s other parent can share this responsibility, can split it between you, or can assign it to one parent alone. 

Physical custody determines when your children will be with you and when they will be with your ex. The basic choices fall into two classifications that include:

  • One parent has the children the majority of the time (while the other has them according to a visitation schedule)
  • You and your ex split your parenting time equally or nearly equally

If you and your children’s other parent can reach an agreement regarding these issues, you’re unlikely to need the court’s intervention on the matter. If not, however, you’ll need to court to make the determinations on your behalf.

The Court’s Position

When Virginia courts make child custody decisions, the best interests of the children always guide the process. The factors considered by the court include all the following:

  • Your children’s ages and overall health (both physical and psychological)
  • Your children’s developmental needs
  • The depth of the relationship between each of you and each child
  • The role that each of you fills in your children’s lives and the degree to which each of you participated in raising them to date
  • The preferences of you and your children’s other parent
  • The preferences of your children (if they are of an age and a level of maturity in which their opinions are deemed meaningful)
  • Your ability and commitment to communicating openly and cooperating with your children’s other parent regarding parenting concerns (and vice versa)
  • Anything else that the court determines is relevant to your case.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Newport News

The compassionate child custody attorneys at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, in Newport News understand exactly how emotionally and legally challenging child custody matters are and are committed to skillfully advocating for your case’s best possible resolution. We’re on your side, so please don’t wait to contact us today.