Ann G


5 Stars!

Tamara D


I worked with Nicole Thurston, Joy, and Nancy and they were all amazing to work with. They went above and beyond to help me fight in my custody battle and my son is now doing excellent. They cared about the outcome of our case showed how much they cared. He has straight A’s, on the Principal’s list, and getting college offers and letters from congressmen to congratulate him for his success. We would not have gotten this far it was not for this legal team fighting day and night to give us the best possible outcome. Thank you all for everything you have done for our family. Sincerely, Tamara

Sharon M.


Nicole handled my divorce, she was professional and detailed. If I had a question it was usually answered the same day. In court, she was very professional, had all details, and was fully ready to represent me. I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me!

Brayden E.

I am very impressed with Andy’s capabilities – he is a talented young lawyer.

Paul B.

Reeves is a fine lawyer, with a great sense of humor.

Danielle P.

Mr. Richmond deals with his clients compassionately and with legal precision. You can have confidence that he is looking out for you and trust his judgment and advice. Take his advice seriously. Mr. Richmond does a good job communicating with his clients, keeping them informed along the way.

Mike R.

Andrew Richmond is a great lawyer and extremely smart.


I did my research on divorce and family law attorneys before contacting anyone. A trusted friend had used Nicole and her team’s services previously and highly recommended her. Entering the MNR Law offices I met their receptionist. Her smile both lightened the mood and removed some of the stress from the streets. I found the conference room to be well lit, supplies readily available, and the conduct of the staff I encountered to be well above everyday professional courtesy.

Nicole was the first attorney I met with and after our initial meeting, discussing options, criteria, contractual obligations, and services that would be contracted for, I confidently chose her to be my legal counsel.

The contracts were explained in detail and reviewed prior to initiating our financial transactions, and I feel I received more than what I contracted for. I paid for professional services; what I got included personalized service, the respect, and distinction of being an individual. My concerns were thoroughly vetted and understood from a personal level and translated to what I wanted and needed on a professional legal level. The team prepared the battlefield and for potential contingencies, ready to execute, ready to win. We faced the opposition and the end state was better than originally forecast. My children are cared for, the financial damages are limited, and the bulk of my retirement is secure.

I am totally satisfied with the services Nicole provided. Excellent communications, clarity of goals, and fair means used to achieve the desired ends were tools of her trade. I would highly recommend her services. You cannot go wrong with this team – they are as invested in you as you are.


5 stars!


I recommend them completely!

Thomas F.

Very pleased with their professionalism and seriousness with my case.


Listen, I did the circuit of family lawyers in Virginia Beach and Andy is, hands down, the most honest, capable, genuine, and reliable lawyer around.



Reeves Mahoney did an outstanding job as my attorney during a recent contested custody battle. Knowledgeable, honest, and direct, I appreciated Reeves’ sage counsel during an incredibly difficult and anxious time. Reeves and his team provided excellent guidance and successfully navigated me through the heretofore unfamiliar minefield of family law. Reeves is one of the finest, if not the finest family law attorneys in Hampton Roads and enjoys a stellar reputation in the family law system.

Carlie C.


Nicole was amazing to work with for my son’s adoption finalization. She was extremely personable, always responded quickly to any questions, calls, or emails, and extremely nice! She made the final stages of our adoption journey amazing!


I am very thankful for all of your services. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this without you all. Your help was priceless.


I will never regret seeking (Reeves Mahoney’s) counsel … You’ve given me a lot of great advice and insight and that I’ll never regret any penny that I paid to gain that. … I just wanted to let you know that you provided a great service to me today and I will be eternally grateful.


Nicole knew exactly how to handle to my situation, doing so rapidly; conformed to my wishes, no drama. Amazing advocate: excellent skills explaining complex legalese in everyday terms. Great sense of humor: explains difficult topics; diffuses stressful situations. Guide & confidant. Earned my trust & maintained it throughout. Quality of service was outstanding! Value is phenomenal Follows up on questions & requirements, often same day, with quality details in clear & concise communications


Andy and his paralegal, Nancy, are wonderful. I had an entire custody reversal made, which I have come to understand is a rarity. Andy is clearly knowledgeable about family law and well respected by the court.