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Why Charge for an Initial Consultation?

While some law offices forego charging an initial consultation fee to potential clients, Mahoney Richmond Thurston Richmond, PLLC (MR&T Law) charges for an initial meeting between a potential client and one of our experienced family law attorneys, dependent on each attorney’s hourly rate.


“All that a lawyer has to sell is his or her time and expertise; therefore, time is money,” says Reeves W. Mahoney, an Mahoney Richmond founding attorney.

Mahoney Richmond charges for its initial consultations because we believe it is very important that people who are entering the divorce process understand from the very outset where they’ve been, where they are, where they’re headed and how they’re going to get there. This requires an understanding of the substantive and procedural issues involved in the divorce process.

At Mahoney Richmond Thurston, when you come for an initial consultation, the lawyer sits down with you and takes you through a number of very important issues. After you have met with an MR&T Law attorney, you’re going to have a strong understanding and a strong command over the issues.

Says Mahoney, “Remember in divorce, it’s the smart moves, not the emotional moves that advance your cause.”

For more information, please, read MR&T Law’s blog about what to expect during a divorce consultation.