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What Can be Considered Marital Property in Virginia?

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences a couple can go through. No one enters a marriage contemplating its dissolution, but unfortunately, it is a reality many couples…

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Should I Be Upset That My Fiance Suggested a Premarital Agreement?

The journey toward marriage is often accompanied by immense excitement and joy as couples envision a future filled with love, companionship, and shared dreams. However, it is common for practical…

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Mistakes to Avoid in a High Asset Divorce

Divorces can be complicated and messy, especially when high-value assets are involved. Unfortunately, many soon-to-be divorcing couples must properly collect all financial information pertinent to the divorce, especially in high-asset…

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How Divorce May Differ for LGBTQ Couples

Divorce is a difficult process for all couples, including within the LGBTQ community. Although same-sex marriage is officially recognized in the United States, there are unique considerations that must be…

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Do I Qualify for Alimony?

There is no requirement that a spouse receives alimony in a Virginia divorce, and in many divorces, neither spouse does. In fact, alimony – also called spousal support – is…

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