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Finding yourself caught in the back and forth of a tumultuous custody and visitation situation can be difficult. Still, protecting your rights and ensuring the best for your children is critical. Finding an experienced attorney knowledgeable in family law can be a lifesaver if you are in such a situation. An attorney can enable you to understand your legal footing better and lay out a plan that addresses your concerns. 

A family law custody attorney will remain a neutral third-party advocate who will do their utmost to ensure the best outcomes for you and your children. With a Hampton Roads Child Custody attorney at your side, no matter the state of your relationship with the other parent, you can know you have the experience needed to fight for your rights.

How can a Hampton Roads Child Custody Attorney help me?

In Virginia, the legal system identifies two types of custody arrangements for couples divorcing or legally separated; physical and legal. Legal custody determines which parent has legal rights and responsibilities to raise a child, including health and welfare. Arrangement of physical and legal custody can vary depending on the child’s best interest. 

When parents have joint legal custody, both adults are responsible for the child’s development, and all critical decisions must be made together, such as education, social activities, and religious upbringing. With shared physical custody, the child spends time living with each parent. Ultimately, these various combinations allow for an arrangement that works for all involved, keeping in line with Virginia statutes surrounding child custody.

Custody is not black and white; for many couples, extenuating circumstances exist within the child’s best interests. In an unclear custodial situation, consulting with a lawyer to advocate for your wishes and the child’s best interest is imperative. 

How to determine what custody arrangement is right for you

Except for unique cases where one parent is deemed by the court to be more suitable for guardianship of their child, joint custody is the norm. Sole custody can be determined if either party cannot communicate amicably or if one parent has undermined or abused the other’s relationship with their child. 

A custody lawyer plays a crucial role in negotiating and achieving the best outcome for both parties. A lawyer specializing in custody can help identify your needs and wants and communicate along the way. A custody lawyer at  Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, will do everything possible to ensure that the other parent, court, or legal guardian also understands this viewpoint. 

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Our experienced team of highly dedicated attorneys is committed to providing compassionate and cost-effective representation for even the most complex child custody matters. We understand the emotional toll these decisions can take on a family, so we strive to help families gain an understanding of their options and assist them in finding realistic solutions that allow parents and children alike to heal and move forward with their lives.

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