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If you are facing a divorce, there is a lot to consider that goes beyond the emotional upheaval you are experiencing, including your parental and financial rights. Because the stakes are high, having experienced divorce attorneys in Virginia Beach on your side is always well advised. 

Resolving the Terms of Your Divorce

While every divorce has its own unique backstory and will follow its one unique path, every divorcing couple must resolve the following terms (as applicable):

  • Child custody arrangements, including both legal and physical custody
  • The division of marital property
  • Child support 
  • Alimony 

If you can resolve each of these terms between yourselves – with the professional legal guidance provided by your respective divorce attorneys – you won’t require the court’s intervention on the matter. 

Your Child Custody Arrangements

Virginia addresses both legal and physical custody. Legal custody sets the stage for who will be making those decisions that are central to parenting moving forward. The kinds of decisions involved include:

  • Decisions about your children’s health care
  • Decisions about your children’s extracurriculars
  • Decisions about your children’s schooling
  • Decisions about your children’s religious education

Physical custody determines the schedule by which you and your ex will split your time with your shared children. Regardless of the unique schedule you devise, one of you will either become the primary custodial parent who has the children the majority of the time or you will both divide your parenting time more evenly.

The Division of Marital Property

Those assets that you and your spouse acquired over the course of your marriage are considered marital property, and upon divorce, they must be divided between you equitably, which means fairly, given the situation at hand. Separate assets that were owned by either of you prior to marriage remain the original owner’s only if their separate nature is maintained throughout the marriage, which can be a considerable challenge. 

Child Support

Virginia takes an array of factors into consideration when calculating child support, which is designed to balance your children’s financial support between both parents. The child support obligation usually goes to the parent who is the higher earner – even when both parents split their time with the kids strictly down the middle. 


Many divorces do not address the matter of alimony (or spousal support), but when it is appropriate, it can play an important role in the recipient’s finances. If divorce creates a financial imbalance in which one spouse can’t support themselves financially while the other has the means to assist, alimony that is set for a duration and amount that allows the recipient to gain greater financial independence may be awarded. 

Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Virginia Beach Are on Your Side

The trusted divorce lawyers at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC in Virginia Beach take great pride in their impressive track record of successfully guiding challenging cases like yours toward optimal outcomes, and we are here for you, too. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.