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Finding yourself in a battle over the custody of your own child? Has divorce jeopardized the time you thought you had to spend with your children as they grow up? When divorce occurs and battles over child custody ensue, you need an experienced professional attorney at your side to help fight for your rights and obtain the best resolution for you. 

Success is achievable when using all the resources available to you when it comes to child custody cases, and a professional advocate is an indispensable resource for navigating the complicated manner in which courts handle child custody cases. The Williamsburg attorneys at Mahoney Richmond Thurston PLLC are committed to providing the best legal assistance in obtaining favorable resolutions in the unfortunate circumstance of a child custody case.

Child Custody Law: Legal vs. Physical Custody

Child custody is divided into two separate types of custody under the law, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody means a parent has the legal right to make important legal decisions about the matters and arrangements that impact the child and is obligated to decide in ways best facilitating the well-being of the child. 

For legal custody, this includes the authority to make decisions regarding matters such as:

  • What school the child attends
  • Extracurricular activities
  • The living arrangements of the child
  • Religious upbringing
  • Childcare provider or pediatrician
  • Non-emergency medical decisions or procedures.
  • Purchase or operation of a motor vehicle
  • Sexual education and contraceptive measures
  • Decisions relating to actual or potential litigation involving or on behalf of the child or children

In regard to physical custody, this refers to which parent the child is physically with at any given time, down to specific schedules. Parenting plans should have specific guidelines for physical custody, essentially covering the scheduled custody times between each parent to a precise degree – often down to the hour. The custody schedule is often what an attorney for your child custody case will primarily be negotiating.  

Custody Arrangements: Joint vs. Sole Custody

Legal and physical custody can be divided in different ways between parents. Joint legal custody and joint physical custody allow both parents authority over the relevant matters regarding decisions about the child’s well-being and whereabouts. It enables both parents to have a say in matters like the school the child attends, or for physical custody, permits both to spend time physically caring for the child. 

However, there is also sole custody for both legal and physical custody, which occurs when the court deems only one parent to be fit to undertake those responsibilities and properly make the best decisions for the child’s well-being. For physical custody, sole custody often results from the other parent being abusive or too overwhelmed by any number of personal issues themselves, such as drug use or financial problems.  

A court ordering sole legal custody might indicate that one parent suffers from the aforementioned issues or lives too far away to render them capable of being able to know what is best for the child. Mental health issues also lead to one parent being denied legal custody rights. Make sure you have the right advocate on your side to make certain you don’t end up as a parent without any custody rights over your child.

Consult with An Experienced Child Custody Attorney In Williamsburg

If you are facing a child custody battle, the accomplished professional attorneys at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC in Williamsburg have the experience, resources, and wherewithal to help resolve your child custody case to the best outcome attainable.  Contact us today for a consultation and for information on how we can help ameliorate your child custody predicament as favorably to you as possible.