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Malicious Parent Syndrome: What Is It and What Can I Do About It?

In high-conflict divorces, one of the most challenging issues to tackle is "Malicious Parent Syndrome" (MPS). This vengeful behavior exhibited by some divorcing or separated parents can significantly impact children,…

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Can I Modify a Custody Agreement if My Ex Gets Remarried?

Family dynamics can shift dramatically after a divorce, especially when one party decides to remarry. These changes can raise important questions about existing child custody agreements. In Virginia, the courts…

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Tips for Determining Child Custody for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, determining child custody arrangements can be challenging for parents. The well-being and happiness of the children are of utmost importance, and parents must work together…

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Do I Need Permission to Move Out of State with My Child after a Divorce?

Divorce is challenging and emotionally draining for families, especially when children are involved. It's not uncommon for one parent to consider relocating to a different state after a divorce, either…

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How Can I Prove That My Ex Is An Unfit Mother?

Determining an unfit parent in Virginia is a complicated process. In most cases, courts will uphold a parenting plan that has already been agreed upon. However, if you believe your…

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