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Tammy Kimball came to Hampton Roads by way of Neenah, Wisc., thanks to the military.

Tammy’s vast experience working in various areas of law – including family, construction, litigation, collections, employment and medical malpractice – spans nearly three decades and two states: Florida and Virginia.

Tammy is a loyal and dedicated legal assistant and works diligently assisting family law clients at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC. Tammy presents a calm, helpful and supportive demeanor as she handles their immediate needs, while patiently explaining procedures. While the firm’s clients experience open and frequent communication with their attorneys, Tammy adds an additional liaison for clear communications with the clients. Our family law attorneys look to her often as the initial contact with our clients. She is also relied upon by the attorneys for drafting necessary documents, meeting directly with the clients, scheduling appointments and court appearances, as well as keeping the client files organized.

Tammy enjoys being outdoors, gardening, bike riding, Green Bay Packers football and spending time with family and friends.