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Americans have become accustomed to quick solutions to their problems. There is nothing wrong with this; however, not all issues have quick solutions. As much as you are done with your marriage and want your divorce to be finalized, it is a process. It does not happen overnight, and it requires many decisions. If you have children, substantial assets, or you and your soon to be ex-spouse cannot agree on benchmark issues, your divorce will likely be a long process. When you hire an experienced Williamsburg divorce attorney, you can rest easy knowing that everything possible is being done to move your divorce along without complications or delays. 

Duration of Divorces in Virginia

Divorces do not follow an exact schedule. Many variables impact how long it is from the time the initial filing is made until the divorce decree is issued. However, in an uncontested divorce, it generally can take two to three months from filing of the Complaint before the judge enters the Final Decree of Divorce. In a contested divorce, some jurisdictions will not set a trial date that would take place prior to you and your spouse having lived separate and apart for twelve months. This means you may not even get your trial until you all have been living separate and apart for one year. Consult with your Williamsburg divorce lawyer to learn how this impacts your case.

Contested or Uncontested Divorce

There are two main types of divorce; contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce, there are crucial issues that the couple cannot agree on. For instance, how certain assets will be divided, spousal support, or child custody and support. Because they cannot negotiate or negotiations are unsuccessful, the judge will need to determine these issues. 

If you and your spouse can negotiate and agree on these significant issues, you can file an uncontested divorce. In these types of divorces, you can have more control over your life after divorce and get your divorce finalized sooner. Sometimes uncontested divorces begin as contested ones, but the couple is able to negotiate with the help of a mediator or a Williamsburg divorce attorney. Once a couple has reached an agreement, it can be presented to the court for it to be incorporated into the final decree. The judge does not make decisions for the couple in an uncontested divorce.

Enlist the Help of a Seasoned Williamsburg Divorce Lawyer

When you enlist the assistance of a seasoned Williamsburg divorce lawyer at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, you have the help of a compassionate advocate during this time of immense change. We have decades of experience handling many different types of divorces, even those with unique circumstances. Our attorneys listen to your concerns and can help you come up with creative solutions to even the most difficult problems. If you are ready to pursue your divorce options, contact us to schedule your divorce case review today.