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Just as turning to Dr. Google for legal advice can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, seeking legal divorce advice online can also be overwhelming and provide you with incorrect information. You may feel armed and ready to represent yourself in your divorce proceedings, but what happens if you make a mistake? What happens if you do not understand Virginia’s laws surrounding asset division, spousal support, and the allocation of parenting time? Are you willing to risk these crucial elements in your divorce by not hiring an attorney? Even if your soon-to-be-ex-spouse does not have their own Suffolk divorce attorney, it is prudent for you to obtain legal representation. 

What if You Have an Uncontested Divorce?

During the divorce process, several determinations need to be made about finances, assets, and parenting plans. Some divorcing couples can negotiate settlements that satisfy both of them. When this happens, they will file an uncontested divorce. They will present their agreements to the judge, and if the judge supports them, the divorce decree will be granted and include those agreements. It sounds like a straightforward process. As such, many spouses think that an uncontested divorce does not require the services of a divorce lawyer. 

However, no matter what type of divorce you file, it is always a wise idea to have representation from an experienced attorney. It is the best way to ensure your interests are protected and that you know your rights in a divorce. They can help in negotiations and mediations so that you do not have to file a contested divorce.

Legal Help in Contested Divorces

If you and your partner have significant issues that you cannot agree on, you will need to file a contested divorce. In this type of divorce, there is a lot at stake. Instead of you and your spouse working out the issues together, a judge will determine the outcome for you. This includes how the following will be dealt with:

You may feel as if you do not have much control over your situation. However, a Suffolk divorce attorney can help you pursue a divorce decree that favors what you believe to be best for your family. They can also help you set realistic expectations and goals. In some situations, an attorney can even help you turn your contested divorce into an uncontested divorce.

Turn to a Trusted Suffolk Divorce Lawyer

At Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, we can provide you with the trusted legal guidance you need through the divorce process. When you hire us, you will receive skilled representation from one of our experienced Suffolk divorce lawyers. We are client-focused and pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide everyone who turns to us for help. It is important for us to provide you with legal help that is not only affordable, but that best suits your personal needs. If you are considering a divorce, look no further than our compassionate team for help. Contact us to schedule your divorce consultation today.