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While never pleasant, divorces are sometimes necessary for the physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being of one or both spouses. You may not be able to change your circumstances. However, you can seek the assistance of an experienced Norfolk divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys help individuals set realistic expectations for this process and life after divorce. They ensure that legal documents are filed correctly and timely. A divorce attorney is the best resource to find out about your rights and an advocate to make sure they are enforced. 

Fault vs. No-Fault Divorces in Virginia

Virginia law does not allow a no-fault divorce unless you and your spouse have lived separately and apart from each other without interruption for at least one year. However, if you do not have minor children, and you enter into a legal separation agreement, the requirement to live apart is reduced to six months instead of one year. In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse needs to have a reason for the divorce.

Virginia also allows fault divorces. Grounds for a fault divorce include: 

  • Adultery or other sexual acts outside the marriage (sodomy or buggery)
  • A felony conviction with a minimum sentence of one year and some actual time of imprisonment
  • Desertion or abandonment
  • Cruelty

However, one spouse cannot simply say that one of these circumstances exists. They must have specific proof, which their Norfolk divorce lawyer can help them establish. Fault divorces are more complicated than no-fault divorces but can have some benefit to the spouse filing for divorce. For example, if your spouse was cheating, you may be in a better position to receive alimony or when marital property division takes place.

How Long Does the Divorce Process Take?

Unfortunately, even the most experienced Norfolk divorce attorney cannot precisely predict how long it will take to finalize your divorce. Many factors come into play. For example, a high asset divorce, a divorce involving children, or one in which one spouse does not agree to the divorce will take longer. In contract, a couple that does not have children and has few assets could see their divorce finalized within a shorter time period. 

Additionally, a contested divorce will usually take longer than one in which the spouses can negotiate an agreement. This is because they may attempt multiple negotiations, will need to await a hearing, and for the judge to decide on the issues in the divorce.   

Find Answers to Your Questions by Hiring a Seasoned Norfolk Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often a confusing and overwhelming process, no matter how necessary it might be. At Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, we never lose sight of our aim to help those trying to navigate a divorce under any circumstance. Individuals facing divorce need answers to their questions, a compassionate and knowledgeable person to address their concerns, and reassurance that they will get through this difficult time. You will find all of this and more when you hire our law firm. Contact us to schedule your divorce case review today with a well-versed Norfolk divorce lawyer.