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Family law involves the legal aspects of family life and goes beyond divorce and child custody. While most assume a family law attorney assists couples with legal separation and divorce, family law includes multiple services for families. Some standard services within family law include adoption, foster care counsel, paternity services, spousal support, reproductive rights, non-parent/grandparent rights, and pre/post-nuptial agreements. 

A comprehensive understanding of how legislation impacts these issues within the family makes finding a family law attorney in Newport News invaluable. They will also be able to draw on knowledge gained from other practices such as mediation and collaborative law, and consult with accountants and tax experts to ensure their client has the best representation possible.

How can family law lawyers in Newport News help families?

When dealing with family legal matters such as dispute resolution, litigation, or adoption, a family law attorney can be integral to the process. They possess the education and experience to navigate the court system effectively and understand the emotional toll legal matters in family law can take on couples, ex-spouses, and children.

When searching for family law lawyers in Newport News for paternity services, child custody questions, or adoption and fostering services, finding the best option can make all the difference in achieving the desired result.

Common reasons to hire a family law attorney

For families and individuals, consulting with a local family law attorney can provide a much-needed resource for their legal needs. Family law attorneys are used in a variety of contexts, but the most typical cases that require their expertise involve the following:

  • Divorce – Divorce involves complex legal matters involving the dividing of property, creating plans for child custody and support, and calculating spousal support. Having an attorney experienced in all such areas of law can provide an invaluable resource and peace of mind.
  • Child custody and support – Keeping a child’s best interest in mind when divorcing is critical. While most courts will attempt to provide a 50/50 parenting time split, extenuating circumstances call for alternative arrangements. A qualified family law attorney can assist parents with coming to the best agreement for children for custody and child support.
  • Adoption and foster care – Adopting a foster child can be a difficult and complex process, but with the help of a family law attorney, it can go more smoothly. Family law attorneys understand the ever-evolving state laws and requirements around adoption and can provide necessary guidance in navigating them.
  • Paternity services – Mothers often hire attorneys to ensure they receive the desperately needed payments for caring for their children. On the other hand, sometimes biological fathers seek legal help to ensure that their rights are recognized and that they can be part of their kids’ lives. 

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Family law is a complex and emotional area of the legal system. The attorneys at our firm have helped families with a wide range of issues, and we are here to help you too. If you need a family law attorney, it is vital to choose someone knowledgeable and experienced in the specific areas that pertain to your case. 

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