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While it’s true that no one plans on getting divorced when they enter a marriage, it’s an unfortunate reality for some. Whether you’re a newlywed, a long-time spouse, or somewhere in between, divorce is a challenging experience. It can be emotionally draining, overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. However, with the help of a skilled divorce attorney, you can make the process less time-consuming and stressful.

Divorce is a complicated process involving emotional turmoil and several legal matters. Spouses must determine how to divide community assets and liabilities, whether the separate property should be divided, and if spousal maintenance is needed. Additionally, couples need to consider whether either spouse has wasted community assets; if so, the amount becomes relevant. 

For parents undergoing divorce proceedings, custody, visitation, and child support are also paramount priorities. These issues are crucial for anyone experiencing divorce since consequences and outcomes will have a long-term effect on one’s future.

How can divorce lawyers in Norfolk help your case?

Navigating a divorce can be an almost paralyzing experience. It can feel like you are wading through murky water with no clear idea of what lies ahead. Stress levels understandably run high as spouses, and their children face the aftermath of a marriage’s dissolution. Unfortunately, the process can become even more complicated and overwhelming in cases involving multiple issues contested from both sides. The decisions reached in these cases can cause immense friction between spouses and have lasting effects on the futures of all parties involved.

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What is the divorce timeline in Virginia?

Obtaining a divorce in the state of Virginia can be accomplished either through no-fault or fault-based means. The no-fault track requires that the couple have been separated for at least one year or six months if a separation agreement has been signed and no minor children are involved. Filing for a fault-based divorce in Virginia is also possible due to factors such as adultery, cruelty, desertion, or felony conviction. 

Property division is then done by committing to an equitable distribution method to divide marital property fairly among couples. Before any divorce can be finalized, there is a waiting period of 30 days and a residency requirement of at least six months before filing. 

If you’re going through a divorce, contact our team today.

During a divorce, experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can help protect your finances and your children’s living arrangements. Additionally, they can ensure important filing deadlines are noticed, as missteps could potentially jeopardize your case. 

If your spouse has gotten legal representation, then it is essential that you, too, contact an attorney since their lawyer cannot represent both parties. Considering that you may be unfamiliar with the judiciary process and its nuances, investing in quality legal assistance early on is beneficial in the long run. Contact our attorneys at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC. We have decades of experience in family law and are here to help.