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If you have come to the difficult realization that you need a divorce – or have been served with divorce papers – one of the most important first steps you can take is retaining an experienced divorce attorney in Virginia Beach who will help to ensure that your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible. The terms of your divorce will have a direct effect on your rights as a parent as well as your financial rights, which makes having professional legal counsel in your corner critical. 

Dividing Your Marital Assets

During the course of your marriage, you and your spouse acquired property and assets, and all of these – regardless of who made the purchase or whose name is attached – are considered marital property. Your marital property – or its value – must be distributed between you in a manner that is equitable or that makes sense under the circumstances. Anything that either of you owned prior to marriage will remain your separate property only if you kept it separate throughout your marriage, which can be a challenging bar to clear. The division of marital property can be one of the most challenging divorce terms to resolve.

Physical and Legal Custody

If you and your divorcing spouse share minor children, the matter of physical and legal custody (your child custody arrangements) are central concerns. Physical custody determines the schedule by which you and your ex will divide your time with your children. Your options include dividing your time relatively equally or one of you becoming the primary custodial parent and having the children under their roof for the majority of the time. 

Legal custody determines who will be making the overarching parenting decisions, such as those related to the following:

  • Your children’s schooling
  • Your children’s health care
  • Your children’s religious education
  • Your children’s extracurricular participation

You and your ex can make these decisions together, can divide them between you according to category, or can assign sole legal custody to one of you. 

Child Support

Child support is calculated according to Virginia’s guidelines. While various factors determine the outcome of child support, you can expect the parent who is the higher earner to have the child support obligation – even if both of you share your time with the kids evenly.


Alimony is called spousal support in Virginia, and it is only implemented in those divorces that leave one spouse with too few assets to be financially independent and leave the other with the financial ability to help. When alimony is ordered, it is generally set for a duration and amount that allows the spouse who receives it to gain the education or job skills necessary to become more financially independent. 

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