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If you are facing a child custody concern, it involves your children and your parental rights, which makes it a serious matter. Whether your issue pertains to an impending divorce, to custody concerns outside of marriage, or to the need for a child custody modification, an experienced child custody attorney in Hampton Roads can help. 

Legal Custody

Child custody in Virginia addresses both legal and physical custody, and legal custody has to do with the decision-making component of caring for your children. Legal custody spells out who will be making the big, important decisions that need to be made on behalf of your children throughout their childhoods. These decisions include those related to the following:

  • Your children’s health care
  • Your children’s schooling
  • Your children’s extracurricular activities
  • Your children’s religious upbringing

You and your children’s other parent can make these decisions together, one of you can be granted tie-breaking authority, one of you can take on this decision-making responsibility on your own, or you can divide this responsibility up according to the kind of decision that is being made. Those more-pedestrian decisions that need to be made consistently throughout the day, however, remain the responsibility of the parent who has the kids when the need to make the decision arises. 

Physical Custody

Physical custody has to do with how you and your children’s other parent split your parenting time. There are a variety of options when it comes to physical custody, but they can all be grouped into one of the following two categories:

  • One of you will serve as the primary custodial parent, and your children will live with this parent primarily, while having a regular visitation schedule with the other parent.
  • You and your children’s other parent will have parenting schedules that divide your time with the kids more evenly.

If you and your ex are able to reach an agreement on the matter, you can create any kind of schedule that works for your unique family. If you need the court’s intervention, however, you will very likely receive one of the court’s standard parenting schedules. 

The Court’s Position on Child Custody

When the court makes a decision that involves children, it always puts their best interests at the forefront. And because it is generally agreed that children are better off when they are able to spend a significant amount of time with both parents, the court rarely cuts a parent out of his or her right to visitation (without a significant reason for doing so). Even if the parent’s visitation needs to be supervised, it’s considered a nearly inviolate right. 

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The focused child custody attorneys at Mahoney Richmond Thurston, PLLC, in Hampton Roads understand the serious nature of your child custody concerns and dedicate their practice to helping clients like you achieve favorable case resolutions. We’re here for you, so please don’t delay contacting us for more information about how we can help you today.