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Key Things to Know About Military Divorce

For everyone involved, divorce and legal separation bring a multitude of emotions, considerations, and logistical questions. These concerns are amplified with unique circumstances surrounding military families with one parent possibly…

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Mistakes to Avoid in a High Asset Divorce

Divorces can be complicated and messy, especially when high-value assets are involved. Unfortunately, many soon-to-be divorcing couples must properly collect all financial information pertinent to the divorce, especially in high-asset…

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How Divorce May Differ for LGBTQ Couples

Divorce is a difficult process for all couples, including within the LGBTQ community. Although same-sex marriage is officially recognized in the United States, there are unique considerations that must be…

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How Can I Prove That My Ex Is An Unfit Mother?

Determining an unfit parent in Virginia is a complicated process. In most cases, courts will uphold a parenting plan that has already been agreed upon. However, if you believe your…

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What Can Happen If Someone in the Divorce is Hiding Assets?

Dividing a once-shared financial life can be one of the trickiest aspects of divorce; it's often complicated and rife with emotion. To make sure everything is evenly divided and fairly…

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