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Why Charge for an Initial Consultation?

While some law offices forego charging an initial consultation fee to potential clients, Mahoney Richmond Thurston Richmond, PLLC (MR&T Law) charges for an initial meeting between a potential client and…

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Tax cut act switches alimony tax burden in 2019

ASK THE EXPERT with Inside Business By Reeves Mahoney Apr 6, 2018 Have you been putting off finalizing your divorce? Well, you might want to sign on the dotted line…

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What is Collaborative Divorce, and is it for You?

What is Collaborative Divorce and is it for You? Divorce does not have to be ugly or contentious. If you want to keep your divorce out of the courtroom, going…

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What to Expect During A Divorce Consultation

What to Expect During a Divorce Consultation If you’re thinking about divorce, the thought of telling details about your marriage and finances to an attorney is frightening. That’s why it’s…

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Living Separate or Together During a Divorce: What you Need to Know

Living Separate or Together During a Divorce: What You Need to Know The concept of living with your spouse during the divorce process is something that used to be extremely…

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